Priscilla Long, MD


“I am deeply concerned that one third of Missourians are obese. Obesity is a disease, not due to weakness, laziness or poor moralcharacter but related to heredity, inexpensive high calorie foods and our mechanized society where it is not necessary for us to move much, and many other cultural and medi- cal factors. Obesity causes many other diseases in our lives that sicken or kill us. Obesity is tough to reverse and I want to help guide patients on a path to a healthier weight.”


Erik Meidl, MD


“I am excited to be working in partnership with my patients to treat an important underly- ing process that can cause many serious diseases: obesity. I hope to use new scientific knowledge to bring hope to people suffering from weight issues. Working with new innovations in diet, physical activity, cognitive and behavioral methods, medicines, and referrals for surgical procedures when ap- propriate, I expect to help my pa- tients find lasting success in treat- ing their weight problem and its potential medical consequences.”


Kristin Bradshaw, MSN, FNP-C


“As someone who has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight for most of my life, I am so eager and excited to care for patients who are living with similar challenges. Obesity is a disease, and has become a national epidemic. It is important to me as a Nurse Practitioner to lead patients towards safe, effective lifestyle changes. Making the decision to make your health a priority is hard work and takes time. I promise to be a supporting resource for our patients on their journey. There is no 'one size fits all' plan for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. Together, we can create and fulfill achievable goals and strive towards progress - not perfection.”


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