Experience the Hannibal Clinic Difference: Orthopedic Care

When you come to Hannibal Clinic for orthopedic services, you benefit from:

  • Care that focuses on you: At Hannibal Clinic, we treat our patients like family. You see the same familiar, helpful faces throughout your course of treatment and recovery.

  • Comprehensive services: Our orthopedic experts offer a wide range of services, including all types of major joint replacements, orthopedic oncology, surgery for complex bone breaks and advanced bone- and joint-saving procedures. We also have several orthopedic rehabilitation options to help you regain mobility.

  • Convenience: All of the orthopedic care you need for broken bones, joint replacements, and ligament and tendon injuries is available right here. 

  • Teamwork: Our orthopedic specialists work together with physical and occupational therapists to guide you through the treatment and rehabilitation process, ensuring a smooth transition back to your normal routine. 

  • Minimally-invasive procedures: When possible, our orthopedic team uses minimally invasive blood-sparing surgical procedures, including arthroscopic repair. These advanced methods require smaller incisions, less cutting of muscle and reduced blood loss. As a result, you have a lower risk of infection and recover faster.

  • Advanced pain management: We use a variety of pain control methods to help you manage pain with less risk of medication side effects.

Orthopedic Services at Hannibal Clinic

Orthopedic specialists at Hannibal Clinic treat a range of bone and joint problems. Our orthopedic specialty services include:

  • Joint replacement: We perform all types of joint replacement surgery, including hip, shoulder, knee and elbow. 

  • Work and sports injuries: The orthopedic and sports medicine specialists at Hannibal Clinic expertly repair shoulder joint and rotator cuff tears, as well as knee ligament (ACL) tears and other work and sports injuries.


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