Employee Communication

Hannibal Clinic Leadership is happy to announce improvements to accessing the main building starting Monday June 1st, 2020!

Thank you to the physicians,  nurse practioners, and staff that have been flexible with changing processes and innovative in sharing ideas and suggestions on how to provide excellent care to the Hannibal Clinic patients while maintaining a safe environment for everyone throughout the past 2 ½ months. 

With the summary below, the experience of care will significantly improve at the main building as we transition in to the 4th version of our New Normal where the parking lot and entry way confusion is eliminated for our patients while maintaining safety for those we serve and ourselves.

Satellite locations, please continue your current procedures (door screening, car visits) related to patients with COVID-like symptoms until an updated satellite process is available.

  • Traffic flow/Parking
  • All driveways will be open
  • Physicians, Nurse Practioners, and Staff resume parking in normal Hannibal Clinic approved spots
  • Patients resume parking at normal Hannibal Clinic patient parking areas
  • Two additional handicap stalls available at East/ACC Entrance
  • Pick-Ups/Drop Offs will return to normal where patient enters to go to appropriate location.
  • Door Screening, Entry, and Patient Check In at main building
  • Expanded locations
    • East/ACC: 6:30a – 6p for Patients and Employees
    • South: 6:30a – 5p for Patients
    • West: 7:30a – 5p for Patients and Employees
    • Dock Doors: 6:30a – 8:30a for Employees for screening only
  • Temperature checks with new infrared thermometers as patient walks to entry doors but temperature will not be written on stickers.  Office will take own temperature for visits.
  • Screening based on revised guideline from Infection Prevention:
    • Fever
    • Cough - New/Different
    • Shortness of Breath – New/Different
    • Sore Throat
    • Loss of Taste or Smell
    • Sinus Drainage/Pain/Congestion not related to seasonal allergies
      • OR
    • Waiting on COVID-19 results from illness

Patients with these symptoms will be directed to the Respiratory Center by door screeners

Scripting updates will be provided for main campus and satellites

Staffing assistance will be needed to cover all door screening locations

  • Place mask on prior to entry to building – For safety of other patients and team members
    • Procedure mask provided for patients needing one
    • Cloth masks available for Hannibal Clinic team members (Please return to bin by Dock Doors or West Entrance for laundering)
  • Respiratory Center (Blue Door near East) will open in Phases
    • As COVID-19 is now understood to be spread via droplets, actions are underway to safely offer respiratory patients to be seen inside the main building. 
    • With each new patient seen, required to wear goggles/face shield, procedure mask, gloves, and gown.  New gown and gloves for each patient. 
    • Same hours of operation until reviewed in July:  Mon-Fri 8a -6p, Sat 8a -3p, Sun/Holiday 12p - 3p
    • Temporary Phase: Effective June 1st until Flooring and Negative Pressure room installation complete
      • Team will use Respiratory Center area for computers and supplies instead of South Entrance Foyer (Will temporarily relocate when flooring being placed)
      • Patients will continue to be seen outside in the car
        • With symptoms listed above and appointment with provider


        • With symptoms listed above and here to be seen at Walk-In Clinic


        • Needing pre-operative/pre-procedural COVID testing


        • Needing COVID testing for symptoms and ordered by another provider
      • Swab collections will continue to be outside (COVID, Influenza, and Strep)
    • Semi-Permanent Phase: Date to be Determined
      • Patients will be brought back to exam rooms in Respiratory Center
      • Swab collections will be performed inside
        • With Symptoms will be in Respiratory Center
        • Pre-operative/pre-procedural will be in a main building location to be determined.  Select nursing staff have received training from Blessing’s Nursing Professional Development.
      • Nebulizer treatments available in negative pressure room

Thank you to EVERYONE for your continued efforts to Improve the Health of our Community!