Scott Simmons, M.D.

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Of the primary care specialties, family physicians provide the most care- managing nearly one-fourth of all primary care visits. Given the scope of family medicine, this comes as no surprise. Family medicine is a three-dimensional specialty, incorporating 1) knowledge, 2) skill and 3) process. At the center of the process element is the patient-physician relationship with the patient viewed in the context of the family. It is the extent to which this relationship is valued, developed, nurtured and maintained that distinguishes family medicine from all other specialties. Family physicians integrate the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences to provide continuing and comprehensive health care. Unlike pediatricians, who only provide care for children, and internists, who only provide care for adults, family medicine encompasses all ages, sexes and each organ system and every disease entity. While there are similarities between family practice and the other primary care specialties, family physicians have an unprecedented opportunity to have an impact on the health of an individual over the person's entire lifetime.

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Medical School - St. Matthew's University, Grand Cayman Island Residency - University of Cincinnati Family Practice - Clinton Memorial Hospital, Wilmington, Ohio Board Certified - American Board of Family Medicine

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