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My journey into medicine started at a young age. Ever since I was a child, helping people was my goal in life. I quickly found that medicine was the best way to do this. My first job at 15 was working in a physicians’ office. From there, I went to work in emergency rooms and hospitals.

From having a strong foundation of mentors both in and out of medicine, I found that becoming a physician was the right path for me. The path to MD was long, but the experiences of working with and being there for people in their time of need kept me going. The decision of Urology was a simple one for me. It is a surgical specialty that allows for long-term relationships with patients. Urology is both about quantity and quality of life and I am devoted to improving both of them in my patients.

People will quickly realize my goal is to inform and discuss options with them. I am not here to command them, but instead have a thorough discussion and make sure they understand what is happening and the options available. Then, together we will decide a plan that fits their life and goals. I love getting to know patients and forming a bond with them. Not only their medical history, but the hobbies and experiences that help define who they are. Creating that bond is what is rewarding to me and I truly enjoy every day at work.

A large part of Urology is the minimally invasive and cutting edge technology. I strive to stay on top of the newest technology and including these when giving patients the options available. I am devoted to constantly learning and bringing the forefront of Urology to the region.

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Erectile Dysfunction
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Genitourinary Cancers

Medical Education

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine

General Surgery, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Springfield, IL

Urology, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Springfield, IL

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